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Half-Life Decay guide ( in Spanish )

2011-01-10 16:27:48 added by hoaxer

Guys from HLSPAIN.COM did a huge amount of work and wrote great step-by-step guide (in Spanish) for Half-Life: Decay. Hablantes de espaƱol, enjoy!

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Decay PC done in 26:28

2009-10-25 04:54:59 added by barnz

Here's a video showing some folks completing Decay PC in 26:28. You can visit their thread on our forum for more information (be sure to listen their commentary for further details).

Decay PC in 26:28 video on Vimeo

Decay PC in 26:28 video on YouTube

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Interview for

2008-11-28 15:35:59 added by hoaxer

Weird news post - interview with me (lol) (in Lithuanian) available at Lithuanian Half-Life website (direct link here). English translation available in our forum.

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Decay on news!

2008-09-30 14:48:37 added by barnz

Hello, this is my first news post. Here's some international sites posted news about Decay:

Planet Half-Life
Half-Life Fallout
Rock, Paper and Shotgun
Half-Life Inside
Half-Life2.SK (SK) (ES) (ES)

Special thanks to Loke, Otto and others for spreading the news

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2008-09-23 10:38:31 added by hoaxer

It happened! We are officially releasing Half-Life: Decay PC port! You can download it from our files section! Enjoy!!!

PLEASE, DO NOT REPOST RAPIDSHARE LINK, USE LINK TO THIS PAGE ( ). We will put more download locations soon!

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR WON USERS: download this file and put into Half-LifeDecay folder. To start playing Decay select Multiplayer and create new LAN server for DY_ACCIDENT1 map. Be aware that your WON Half-Life must be of latest version


list of possible fixes in upcoming international release of Decay is available here at our forum. You can discuss it and propose your own.


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Release date - 23 of September

2008-09-22 15:04:30 added by hoaxer

Half-Life: Decay PC will be released on 23rd of September 2008 at 20:00 Kyiv time (GMT +2) or 19:00 (GMT +1) Central European time. It will be an English release, multi-language ( English, Spanish, Italian, French, German ) version will be released later this week.

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Slovak Decay preview

2008-08-04 06:11:29 added by hoaxer

Slovak Half-Life fan-site has published very own preview of Decay along with some screenshots from preview version. You can read preview here [ in SLOVAK ] . The game has been rated at 90%

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Small update

2008-06-04 07:06:45 added by hoaxer

Huge thanks to project fans who volunteered to translate the site (xombie, MrSugar, ppeev) - now we have Bulgarian version ready. Also we have Spanish and German sounds for game which will be released along with main package as well as separately. Last major task is alien mode. Stay tuned)

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New site launched

2008-03-22 20:33:52 added by hoaxer

Welcome to the renewed site of Half-Life: Decay PC! Hope you like it! It doesn't features any of the new content (yet), but is a base for it, as well as close release of the project!

The site is really extensible (for admins), is in 5 languages (English, Ukrainian, Czech, Spanish and Catalan - all thanks to fans ;) ), we are going to add profile registration (for news subscribtion) and update media gallery. Some sections in some languages may be still missing, but that's temporarly.

Now Decay news - fix of all levels is finished, bonus mission is almost ready, and thanks to our fans installation will include English, Spanish and German audio files. All we have to do is to fix player-switch code (which causes bot AI to crash), fix the mess we currently have in models folder and make nice installer!

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Season greetings! We are in beta!

2008-03-22 20:32:27 added by admin

I guess this can be real New Year present to all the real fans of the project - it's happened, we are in beta! :)

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VTF Explorer updated

2007-12-31 10:00:00 added by hoaxer

I've noticed that VTF Explorer does not work with up-to-date version of Source Engine so I made small update to fix that, it does not support floating point textures yet, will implement that in major update. You can download new version here.

Also we have launched Ukrainian version of site!

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Mission 3 screenshots

2007-05-04 17:44:00 added by hoaxer

While we are working on last mission we have decided to release you a bit more of media from missions 3 (Surface call) and 4 (Resonance). Today we are presenting 2 shots from mission three:

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Forum opened!

2007-04-22 20:03:00 added by hoaxer

Hello there! :) From today we have our forum up and operational again! Unfortunately all the posts and user accounts from previous forum were lost, so you'll have to register again. Anyway, hope to meet you there! ;)

Also media section has been fixed, and all images are now uploaded!

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91% of levels done!

2007-03-22 15:10:00 added by Rabano

Hello there! It's been a while since last news update, it's because we've almost completed the work all the levels and there is no logical need now to release some media. At least at this current moment :) The major thing in todo list is programming for final mission and fixing entity logic for this and 2 other missions. Also expect forum to be opened soon!

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Online again

2007-02-16 01:25:00 added by hoaxer

Hello everyone! After more then 2 week abscense of our site we are finally again online :) Hoorah thanks to Half-Life Creations (and Frostbite for pointing us here)! Soon there will be some updates and we are also going to open the forum again. More to come soon...

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Mission 4 first screens

2006-11-14 00:35:00 added by hoaxer

You wonder how's progress going? First screenshots from mission 4 "The Rift"! :) More to come in a week.

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Preview at Planet Half-Life

2006-11-12 14:45:00 added by Rabano

Game Spy's Planet Half-Life has preview of Decay for PC! Read here. Thanks to Alex (your evil twin) for trying the demo!

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