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Cheats (for PlayStation2 version of Half-Life)

To activate the cheat go to Options->Cheats menu and enter the combinations below. Once you do this, "???" to the right should be replaced with cheat name. This means that you've "unlocked" the cheat. Now you should activate it.

activate invincibility. In Decay only Gina can be invincible, 2nd player is vulnerable

infinite ammo

invisibility - enemies don't see you. The same as "notarget" code in PC version of Half-Life

turns on slow-motion for several seconds if you
press R3 during gameplay

play through Half-Life as a vortigaunt alien!
Doesn't affect anything in Decay

makes gravity slight lighter then normal Earth
gravitation allowing to jump really high

Cheats below are hidden cheats. After you enter them they won't appear in "official" cheats list to the right of cheats screen.

Opens "Extras" menu in "Options" screen. After you select this item the disc tray would open asking
you to insert add-on cd.

There was only one add-on cd released - with old issues of PlayStation Magazine. If you have this disc then put it inside, Half-Life for PS2 would reload and you would see Uplink menu and surely can play it!

player 2
player 1
player 2
player 1
player 2
player 1

Attention! This code unlocks all of Decay missions including "Xen Attacks" !

This code wasn't known until our team started working on Decay's PC port - we have accidently found it in gui script files!

You'll need two controllers to use this code.

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